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Arcade Fire - Funeral. September 14, 2004.

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ok so i’m going to add to the sapfest that is the 10 year anniversary of funeral’s release but i’m just saying right off the bat no words i say can possibly do this album justice or my feelings on the album justice so here goes nothing i guess: 

we all have our favorite arcade fire albums and no matter which one it is (because even mine isn’t funeral) you cannot deny the importance and greatness that is funeral. everyone has to grow up it is the way that life goes. some people are more willing to embrace adulthood whereas some people take a step back and are scared to find what the future holds and no matter where you fall on that spectrum, the lyrics and themes in funeral express all of those feelings absolutely everyone moving into adulthood deals with. the passionate, wild energy of arcade fire in their live performances only offers a more cathartic event for the listener and their onstage persona forces the listener once more to confront and deal with these emotions. through the lyrics and music, they talk about the loss of innocence, death and facing mortality, confronting ignorance and forming your own ideals, the confusion and anger towards adults and society, more so, not wanting to grow up and be like that, the sadness but reality of moving on from places and people, the isolation that sometimes comes along with change, and honestly it attacks head on every fear, doubt, and nervous feeling you could ever have about growing up. i honestly cannot thank arcade fire enough for creating such a beautiful album. win joked around this past tour that hopefully people were, “shaking their ass with a little tear in their eye” but that’s exactly what arcade fire’s music does. they are able to reach the soul of the listener, make them think, and create a cathartic event through music. the funeral era only proves this with every live video of endless childlike energy, unfiltered emotions, the band almost desperately trying to hold onto their youth and own feelings of childhood, furiously almost aggressively trying to force the audience to pay attention and really feel these emotions, to “wake up” if you will haha dumb pun aside. this is one of the many reasons i decided to get the wake up, fist clenching lightning bolts tattoo because of what it represents and everything i listed above. i couldn’t be happier to have found this album as it helped me through a really rough time when i was at a real low and didn’t know how to express my emotions to people. but this helped more than words can say. so thank you, arcade fire. and happy 10th anniversary funeral.

now have this video that i think expresses the feeling and energy so well of the funeral era and features will being a crazy man per usual. 

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Us kids know.


Us kids know.

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Arcade Fire @ Ballerup Super Arena, Copenhagen, 27/8-11 x

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